Man cant live without friendship.
When I was a little boy, I could easily get well along with other children. If one played with me, I thought he was my friend. In fact, now, I understand, this kind of friend is not true friend. They were only the friends for me to play together with.
    When Im growing up, I find it is hard to have a friend, though I can get well along with others, they are not my friends. We can feel happy when we talk and play together, but it is not friendship which is the purest and greatest emotion in the world. Friendship contains not only happiness, but also suffering.
    I have read a story about friendship.
    Mary and Dan were good friends. They played together and grew together. When they grew up, Dan moved to another city and married there. Mary married too. However, they were not separated. They both thought the friendship between them was more important and beautiful than their love. Love would change, but friendship would stay forever. When Mary felt ball, Dan would come to her. And let her feel comfortable and happy. I will always be there for you. Dan said. And what he said was what he did. It is friendship, the purist and greatest feeling in the world.
    Friendship needs taking care of. Marx said, Friendship is like plants. It will grow when you helped each other, and it will be killed when you doubted each other. Friend is hard to find, and when you find a friend, you should trust him for ever. Dont let the doubt hurt your friendship. For friendship is the greatest feeling, you should try your best to help your friend and share his/her happiness and sadness.
    There is an old saying, Its enough to have a true friend in ones life. Friendship is rare and valuable. Do treasure your friend, then you will feel the friendship and you will be happy for ever.
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